What we're about

We are a tribe of women from around the local area who are answering the call to “make peace with food” -- by nourishing their souls. We are a group of women gathering in circle, nonetheless, linked by a common desire to be free of food, eating, and body image struggles. When ritual and ceremony are brought into a circle, it becomes a powerful medium for spiritual transformation and personal growth. Typically, rituals involve objects like candles, flowers, and food, and also chants, song and dance to indicate the significance and sacredness of the circle. In many indigenous cultures, shamans use rituals in circle to create an energetic container that is strong enough to hold the power of spirit as it builds within and, simultaneously, to create a boundary strong enough to provide protection from intrusions and influences from without. They typically use ritual at times of transition – when they understand an individual is particularly vulnerable to forces moving within them as well as forces in their external world. Within the sacred circle, transformation can take place in safety and with a consciously directed focus. Women’s circles help us find ourselves, find our voices, speak our feelings, and discover not “what I am” but “who I am.” The use of ritual enhances our sense of connection both to the circle and within the circle, and grounds us with a sense of safety and protection. All necessary aspects of healing our troubled relationship with food and our bodies. If you are ready to move beyond what's keeping you stuck in the viscous cycle of binging, restricting, body hatred and feeling out of control, this group is for you! Women only:) xoxo

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