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A Potential IBM AI X Prize Contender (https://ai.xprize.org/about/overview)

Further details will be added at https://hemseye.org/wp

What would you want from a local tech community AI special interest group???
-- We can hopefully do what you and other people want !!!
-> So you can have a regular interesting useful constructive and fun sociable time at these meetings.

What are the open and unsolved AI questions and how could they be solved?

Come along to discuss, contribute (if you wish), listen and learn about AI and its future.

I would ideally like to work full-time on a community-led open source AI project. This is very unlikely to happen as I would need a huge amount of funding.

I think I have some great ideas that no one else appears to be recognising and pursuing.

I am not good at writing up complex ideas as a business proposal. I need help as I am dyslexic.

Would you be interested in trying to get funding or working on such a project?

If none of this works out we can also have a fun sociable and interesting time.

Based at Barclays Eagle Labs Brighton.

Barclays are offering us free refreshments and free beer.


Meeting Monthly:

• AI Talks & Discussions,

• AI Training & Workshops,

• AI Making PI/Arduino/Robotics 3D Printing,

• Building & Sharing AI Test Platforms For AI Algorithm Testing,

• AI Agile Prototype Development,

• AI Show & Tell,

• AI Hackathons,

• Short Fun Spots

• youtube channel/web streamed?

• Beer & Conversation

• Community Planned Sessions - Suggestions/Volunteers?/ Speakers?

Short Talks / Discussions / Hackathon Development Tasks

• AI Startups - New Ideas & Management vs The Market Players.

• Who Should We Trust With AI?

• Who Is James Kitching (The Organiser of This Meetup and Founder Of The HEMSEYE Open Source Project)?

• Is Creating a Free AI Core Eco-System to Replace the www Possible?

• A History / Future Directions 1st 2nd and 3rd Wave - Machine & Deep Learning Limitations.

• AI Safety - Intent Motivation & Free Will - Can We Let It Happen? - An Open Question.... ?

• What Is Language In Relation To Human Learning & Understanding?

• A Possible Language Understanding Implementation.

• Representing Human Thought - Then Saving It As Memories and Later Recalling It.

• Creating a Virtual 3D Real-World Representation Using SLAM
(Simultaneous Localisation & Mapping).

• Is A Superfast ("real-time") Continuously Updating 3D Virtual World Representation Possible?

• The Need For Self Awareness In An AI That Understands Language.

• The Need For AI Artificial Consciousness.

• Implementing Human Social Cognition - As A Prerequisite To Language Acquisition.

• Chomsky And Others - Ideas From Linguistic Greats.

• Modelling An Understanding Of Time In An AI "Brain" Using Discrete Event Simulation.

• Implementing Virtual Reality In an AI Mind For Human-Like Cognition?

• Real-time Context Recognition - Creating A Test Bed.

• A Cloud-Based Learning Repository = a HEMSEYE.

• Who Could And Who Should Win The Race To Create / Host Human-Like AI on The Cloud?

• Can Vocabulary Understanding Be Constructed From The Ground Up?

• AI Safety, Ethics and The Future Of AI - How Do we Keep It Safe.

• Linguistics / Language Analysis & Representation?

• Social Cognition?

• Cloud Technologies?

• Is Data Protection and Data Usage Tracking Possible With Block Chain?

• How Do You Develop and Maintain Knowledge Data Trust & Integrity?

• What Are The HEMSEYE Project Expected Issues Risks and Limitations & Potential Benefits?
• Wearables?

• Humanoid Robotics?

• 3D Printing

• Personality Representation - Myers Brigs.

• Empathy & Emotion Modelling - Transaction Analysis Plus What Else?

• Discuss Proposal For Ongoing Safe AI Research Development & Usage.

Short Fun Spots?

1. Cool Board - Present Your Coolest New / 2nd Hand Two-Seater Sports Car

2. Fun/Silly Tech Spot e.g Arduino talking plant?

Training / Short Talks / Workshops / Group Tasks

• Coursera Course Cooperation & Tutorial Sessions

• Installing And Using Ubuntu

• 3D Printing

• Using ROS the Robotic Operating System

• C/C++, java, Python, C#?

• Design Patterns

• BRAT & Webanno

• Hadoop


• Android Dev

• Linux Dev

• Networking





• Database Technologies

• Cloud Tech

• BPM/BPMN/BPSIM + Discrete Event Simulation (DES)
Cause & Effect Modelling,
Understanding Time,
Simulation & Prediction,
What If Analysis,
Markov Processes / Markov Blanket,
Montecarlo Methods,
Bayesian Networks,
Bayesian techniques,
Graph Topology Analysis and Comparision,
Computer Vision,
Algebraic Topology & 3D Hash function For Object Identification & Classification,
Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

Gaining Academic Backing Support & Involvement:
• Discussions are Ongoing
• Academic Currency Is Usually:
Published Papers,
Prizes and Awards?
Speaking Invitations / Experience
• Conferences?

Led By The HEMSEYE Open Source AI Project.

Aiming To Be:
AI Research Project & AI Training Charity,
Non Commercial and Ethical,
Providing Commercial Infrastructure and Eco-System,
Community Based - Encouraging AI Research, Safety, Ethics & Acceptance,
Creating An AI Embedded Core System,

HEMSEYE Mission Statement:

Do No Evil, Don’t Be Evil.
Provide Human-Like AI As A Force For Good.
Make Ethical AI, Make Safe AI.
Commit To Assist In Banning L.A.W.S

Like a Knife, AI Will Always Be Able To Be Used For Evil.

• Always Seeking Sponsorship

• If this project folds where would any "charity" raised money go? - Children In Need UK Perhaps?

• Are there any return guarantees? – None. This Will Hopefully Be a Research / Educational Charity.

• We Will Aim To Give You No Direct Return For Any Money Given.

• At all Costs We Will Aim To Ignore Any Undue Influence Received From Donors

About My Research / Community AI Poject Plans

See http://hemseye.net (http://hemseye.org/wp)

About Me



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