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Pixel Lab - creative computing (Mini-Makers Club)

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So you like computers? Well aside from playing games which is we really love to do and lets face it games are cooooool...computers can also be used for other stuff like Art too ;)

We thought you might like to come along to our new 'Pixel Lab' - a weekly after school type club for girls and boys interested in the creative use of computers.

The Wellington Makerspace will supply the Laptops and a space to chill out and learn together - all you have to do is pick a topic and we'll all work together on creating something cool each time we meet. This could be as simple as a single web posting/blog entry or as complex as a Custom T-shirt design or music video, it's all up to what you and your group decides on the night! Also any work you create can be posted on to show off to the World [in a safe way] - and on your own created website*.

Club nights are built around four important elements -m we think they'll be lots to do and learn!

For starters here's some cool stuff we might want to get our teeth into, topics like this:
Video Art
Game Making
Interactive Art
3D design
Graphic Design
Web Design
Clothing Design
Electronic Music

...And the best bit is we have an inspiring an all round nice guy who wants to help us do this cool stuff, His name is Alan Proctor-Thomson.

Alan is an artist and teacher and has been a Digital Media Specialist in schools for 10 Years here in Wellington and also in the UK. He currently teaches as a Digital Media Facilitator at Brooklyn School and St Francis de Sales in Island Bay.

* Only first names or pseudonyms [that means fake name] will be used when posting on the net. No photos or addresses will be posted. Club members will need to have an email address they can access during class and this will be given to parents as a safety requirement. We'll be using the email to register on the occasional website and upload work etc and any work we create will be released under a "Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike License" - which basically means we'll be sharing with everyone in the World and that means anyone can remix or reuse your work -which, if you think about it would be soooo cool and could make you famous! They can use your stuff but they can't make any money out of it - and that goes for us to :)


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