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Beginning Game Programming with C#

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Price: $11.89 /per person
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Learn how to programme and develop video games using the C# programming language.

This is a University of Colorado paper delivered online through Coursera. The study is free and you get a "Statement of Accomplishment" at the end if you care about that kind of thing.
We thought it looked like a cool paper but that online courses can be a bit lonely. So why not have a weekly supportive meetup over the 8 weeks with coffee, snacks and maybe a bit of wine and beer. Alan who works here is keen to learn this too and is also a newbie.
So we provide the space, refreshments, big screen, laptops and in-between pep talks. If things get tough we could probably call in some help too.

Read more about the course here: * The price is in US dollars, but it translates to NZ $15. Meetup won't let us use NZ dollars.

* If your sure you'll come to all meetings it's only $90 all up.

* This won't go ahead unless we have 5 (including Alan).


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