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Preparing your files for Making...2D

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If you want to use a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, a CNC Router a waterjet cutter, make stencils or need to print something very large. You're going to need to wrap your head around "vector" graphics" and the pen tool.

Using free/open source software we will learn the lingo and go through the process of creating your own vector graphic and how you can adapt an image from the web.

So why not come along to this informal and friendly workshop and we'll teach you some basics that we use every day in our professional lives to make your projects very much easier - and certainly much cheaper!

We'll cover some definite items including:

- introducing you to some of the machines we have here [so you know what you're looking at and what they can do] and discussing other machines/processes you might never even have heard of - so your projects will be limitless!

- We'll show you some cool [mainly free] software apps you can get to help you along your path to making heaven

- We'll answer any specific questions you might have about how to do something - or a project we could use as a demo...

- File types and what they are used for, the best for purpose, where and how to get pre-loved images

-Vectorising and what that means for manufacture

What is an "Un-workshop?"

Like an un-conference - unstructured!

"Unstructured, What? Does that mean you're just making it up off the cuff?"

A more chilled-out playful experience then your standard rote teaching workshop. And more accomodating to where you want to take things.

We guarantee you'll be more engaged and will get more out of the session if you're at the wheel so too speak...and to be honest it's how we do our projects.

***This is highly recommended prior to attending the Intro to Laser Workshop [self use] ***




Computers supplied

**Please note - we will need at least 6 attendees to go ahead with this workshop.


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