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My name is Shane Dutka, founder of this meetup dedicated to helping people working full-time make money online by combining Google, Amazon, and a simple website without quitting their jobs.

With this new system I've developed, I've been able to work full time as an accountant and consistently make $10,000+ per month (screenshot proof below). Just between June 2018 - August 2018 I made $32,522.66...

Take a look below for an earnings report from Amazon.com.


If you're ready to get going and start learning right now click here to sign up for my next live webinar (https://dutkadigital.com/website-system-webinar/) as well as get access to 3 exclusive trainings.

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All training is done live in Tyson's Corner near the Tyson's Corner Metro (Silver Line) as well as broadcast as a convenient online webinar giving you the option to join me live or listen in online.

If you’ve ever wanted to build a website, make money online, and learn from someone doing it successfully right now, this is the group for you.

Whether you’re working full-time, in school, or just want to make some extra money on the side, I can help you get you from A-Z.

I’ve been making money online for about 3-4 years and have seen it all and learned just about every method people are using to make money on the internet.

From Kindle Books, to drop shipping, to eBay arbitrage, e-commerce, affiliate offers, SEO…

…the list goes on.

With all the ways to do it, which is the BEST way?

The answer to this question will vary wildly depending on who you ask, but my aim is to help provide the most direct route to success while reducing the risk of failure, frustration, and/or burnout.

During my webinars, I go over 3 key steps critical to succeeding with my system:

• Step #1: How to build a simple website in less than 10 minutes capable of making over $10,000 per month

• Step #2: How to get Google to send 1,000’s of visitors to your website for free …forever

• Step #3: How to harness the power of Amazon to make money with people who visit your website

***Bonus: As a bonus for just showing up to the webinar (online or in-person) I'll you some of my best checklists, templates, and scripts I use to help build a $10,000/month website For FREE!

Ready to get started?

Click here to sign up for my next live webinar (https://dutkadigital.com/website-system-webinar/) as well as get access to 3 exclusive trainings.

To learn more about me or what to expect during your first meetup check out this video:


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