MalagaMakers Workshop - TDD and advanced testing


Hello all

So as promised we are scheduling a workshop to work on your TDD and testing skills in general

we ask that you complete a survey here ( to get better understanding of the people coming.

To the workshop you should bring a laptop - at least 1 for every 2 people.

Since it is a workshop we will need a bit more time than a regular meeting.


19:00 - Welcome

19:05 -Scoped example of TDD with JavaScript

19:15 - Getting hand dirty for 3 iterations of 25 minutes with 5 minutes breaks.

20:45 - Wrap up

20:55 - About MDL

21:10 - Lightning talks

21:30 - Networking in a nearby pub

It is extremely important this time not to be late since it will be much harder to blend in people during the session.

For now judging from the survey - here are frameworks to start with

Java,scala -

c# - ,,

javascript,node - jasmine , qunit

php -,

c++ -,

scala -

F# - since .NET nunit ,

Rust -

Ruby - RSpec (

lisp - lispunit