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19:00 - Welcome

19:10 - "real­-time communication of sensors for IoT" by Uffe Björklund

#RaspberryP #BluetoothLowEnergy #Azure #SensorTags (CC2650/CC2541) #CSharp #JavaScript #NodeJS #XSockets.NET

20:00 - Lightning talks session open to anyone who wants to speak for 5 minutes maximum. You can present your project or your group, etc.. (read more about lightning talks here). The only rules: should be in English and not to be simple commercial self-promotion (spam).

20:20 - FREE BEERS and networking!!

About Uffe

Uffe has been a developer since 2000, and as many other people in our line of business he is fortunate to say that his work is his hobby. Uffes main expertise is within the .NET stack, but regardless of platform Uffes passion is real­time technologies. Uffe is the CEO and co­founder of XSockets.NET. Besides the love for real­time, he also write/teach courses and talk at conferences/codecamps. He have had the opportunity to speak at conferences and code camps in the U.S. and Europe in recent ye


“Internet Of Things” has been hot for a while now, and these days we are expected to be able to view data from sensors in our smart devices in real­time. Data that in the past was viewed (if viewed at all) historically…

One of the challanges with IoT is that different sensors/clients has different abilities. There is no standard way of communication for IoT even though there is work being done in that area.

In this session we will build and deploy a real­time communication solution to Azure so that we can view sensor data in real­time. Hopefully there will be people in the room that will help me to produce sensor data to the cloud service.

Things we need to solve in this session:

• The sensor­tag (from Texas Instruments) being used will not have a network connection so we will need to bridge the BLE connection to something with network access

• We need to be able to connect client using different communication protocols to each other

• Monitoring clients have individual needs/demands, so we do not want to broadcast all sensor data to all clients, so how do we solve that?