AFTER7 - October edition


19:00 - Welcome

19:10 – “How to Get Ideas Intentionally” by Gijs van Beeck Calkoen

• ....Maybe your business is not going as well as you wish...........

• ....Perhaps you are stuck in a problem, trying to solve it for years...........

• ....Your costs are rising, but you don't know how to reduce them substantially.......

• ....Your product is at the end of its life cycle, what next?....

• .....You are thinking about a new innovative app, but what?....

You need a really good idea. An idea that hits through the wall.

Chances that you are caught up in a thinking pattern that hinders you to arrive at a really new idea. Thinking outside the box is needed, but how?

In this mini-workshop Gijs will give you some tools. Take pen and paper with you!

19:55 - Lightning talks session open to anyone who wants to speak for 5 minutes maximum. You can present your project or your group, etc.. (read more about lightning talks here ( The only rules: should be in English and not to be simple commercial self-promotion (spam).

20:10 - Ideathons. Presentation of an initiative of MalagaMakers for next year: Ideathons - idea generation sessions to design apps that could enhance life in Málaga and for its citizens

20:20 - FREE BEERS AND WINE and networking!!

About Gijs van Beeck Calkoen

Companies ask Gijs to work with their teams to create breakthrough ideas for innovations. For that, he applies world renowned systematic creativity tools, like Lateral Thinking ( and the Russian Triz methodology ( . Gijs is founder of the Practice for Bold Thinking – Creating Innovations.

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