Frontend Makers - Making usability, design & frontend work together


MalagaMakers is creating a new series of events targeted mainly to all the people working in the different parts of the apps and webapps frontend, Frontend Makers.

The talks will be targeted mainly to designers, experts in user experience and frontend developers interested on learning new skills, though everyone will be welcomed.

As always we will be having free beers and wine for the networking!

About the talk:

Making usability, design & frontend work together

Three main roles are involved in the creation of the frontend of a good application: the usability expert, the visual designer and the frontend developer.

Those different roles can be taken care by one or more people but way too often the needs and requirements of each one of them clash with horrible consequences leading to arguments, poor specs, frustrations and slow development.

In this talk we will go through a story based on true events involving said roles that ended in a huge waste of time and a really disappointing design. After that we will go through the insights gained from the experience and the steps to make those roles play well along.

The talk will be directed by Rafa Latorre, UX chief and lead frontend developer at with more than 9 years of experience tackling user interface challenges.