AFTER7 - Sep - "Marketing Automation" by Nicolás J. Martin

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Calle Medellin 3 · Malaga

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19:00 - Welcome

19:15 - Talk about "Marketing Automation" by Nicolás José Martín Fernández

Abstract: Nicolas will start describing what Marketing Automation is and its impact on today's society. He will present how the data analysis and segmentation is done and give a few examples. Our speaker will continue talking about the technologies that make Marketing Automation possible and the certifications to acquire on this topic. Then, Nicolas will finish giving his input about some issues and challenges that this field will face. Also, its consequences in employability and the subsequent new profiles that will emerge thanks to Marketing Automation.

About Nicolas: He's a computer scientist from Malaga who has a great deal of experience in diverse areas like software development, project management, and operations & delivery across several countries: Canada, Philippines, UK and Spain. He is equipped with a background in teaching STEMs and currently he is Head of Operations and Delivery at Opinov8.

20:00 - Lightning Talks

20:20 - Free drinks (thanks to the Innovation Campus) and Networking.

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