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What we’re about

The Malaysia Lean Startup Circle is a group of entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs who are keen on employing the Lean Startup principles within their startups/companies. Lean Startups use customer development to reduce waste and time to market, increase the contact with the customers and avoid incorrect market assumptions. Lean Startup applies  a collection of techniques built around maximizing validated customer learning though fast Build/Measure/Learn iteration loops. We are entrepreneurs helping onther entrepreneurs improving their performances by using better business tools and mythologies. We are geek of Business Models, Lean Startup, Customer Development and Post-its.

Lean Startup Circle aims at building  lean startup leadership and thinking. It is is a global community of practice with meetups happening all over the world, brought about by a dedicated desire to apply lean startup thinking and building lean startup leadership.

We bring the Malaysia lean startup community together in a variety of formats (many of which involve food ;-) to learn from each other.

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The Lean Startup is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries.