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So you planned for your retirement perfectly, meetihg with a financial professional to create the wealth that you will retire on. You meticulously look at investment choices, trading strategies and insurance. You've got the perfect plan (or maybe you don't lol)
But, maybe you're physically a mess, or want to be healthier. Wouldn't it be great to get to that retirement day ready to do it, and physically feeling great, free of health conditions, ready to have fun? What good is all that retirement savings if you don't feel good enough to enjoy it!?!

This group is for any guy who wants to improve health--starting today! Together, we will take small, concrete stepts to cut out bad habits, bad food, and put good things in their place. Get ready to eat better, be more active, and improve your life and health. NOTE: This group is for males because guys suck at taking care of their health and we're here to support each other. Women do a much better job at that! Open to all ages but having passed the 40 mark, I've noticed many of my friends and guys in this 40+ age group getting fat, unhealthy, and unmotivated and headed down the wrong path.

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