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This group is for those that have a business they wish to grow or those that wish to start a new business and get insights into what it takes to create and grow one.

This is a place to engage in walking meetings (yes it's a thing and it's heading this way...) about marketing (true business development strategy and not sales tactics).

Business Development starts with Marketing and Marketing starts with understanding the Market. In other words find the product or service that the market already values enough to want to buy and go build a delivery pipeline to make that possible.

This group is founded by a life long entrepreneur with extensive battle scars and hard won knowledge and experience (and tons of failures...). It is dedicated to business owners both new to seasoned with the express intent of accelerating the learning curve of building a business instead of burying oneself in a cleverly disguised job.

Knowledge Nugget: A Business Exchanges Value for Money whereas a Job Exchanges Time for Money. Wealth (freedom) is only possible once the Value for Money stage has been attained.

These sessions are made available based on my (Gary's) limited availability and are intended for only those individuals that wish to do the work (internal and external) required to build a scalable business model. They will be mostly mid summer and mid winter while other activities and groups occupy my Spring and Fall agenda.

You do not need to have a business yet. In fact if you don't I will do my best to dissuade you from even trying or at least give you a better understanding of the levels of commitment that form the prerequisites of mastery and success.

I'm not for a single second going to tell you I've figured anything out. I am going to do my best help you see and hopefully avoid a few more potholes than if you choose to go it alone. :)

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