What we're about

We are developers who want to learn and share the joy of using Elixir/Erlang.
Have a chance to meet other developers interested in taking advantages of the unique features of Elixir.

Elixir is a wonderful functional language with high quality tools and libraries.
It runs on the Erlang VM which has been used for decades to build reliable and scalable micro services.
Elixir can be used in a wide range of domains, from web to embedded development.

Meetings are planned at

• #malmo-elixir channel on the elixir-lang slack, https://elixir-lang.slack.com/messages/CGNAZ01FV

• Trello board, https://trello.com/b/dmfcpSCb/malm%C3%B6elixir

Past events (8)

7th Elixir Meetup, Deployment

Foo Café

6th Elixir Meetup, Web Scraping

Foo Café

5th Elixir Meetup, Code Kata

Foo Café