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Welcome! You relocated to Sweden or are in a multi-culture environment. You want to thrive, feel home, feel enough, have friends, a job you enjoy, a balanced personal life...
But truth is your social environment is poor and you feel a lack of support going through the changes, despite some nice people you meet. The change in the way you used to live, work, interact stresses you a lot, requiring a lot of consistent efforts on a long period.
You feel like you are not enough and whatever you do, it seems never enough. You don´t assert yourself that much, maybe even lost your voice in the change. Your normal performance, balance and joy in private or professional lives decrease. Your challenges feel huge to overcome.
You should join this group, I am looking for you. This stress, that is often labelled as language and cultural chocs, need in fact to be identified and addressed as any other type of stress that affect so many people in our global, changing and demanding world today. Stress affects your performance and immune system and well managed, you can take back you balance, peace, joy, daily performance, reach the miles in your life with resilience, creativity. This group will mix online sessions and meetup.


introduction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnkceFa8uNQ&feature=youtu.be

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On the other side of stress


On the other side of stress

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