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Drum Class with Mamadou Diop (Gloucester YMCA)
What the experience of drumming offers: * A peak experience that bonds all who share it * An atmosphere of truth, support, and harmony * Techniques to reduce tension, worry, and stress * A tribal celebration in an indigenous tradition * Open heart and mind to awareness of spirit. Mamadou teaches the importance of the drum in the African culture to the community as a mode of communication and in the daily life. West african drumming is not just music, but an experience of the heart, mind, and spirit. It evokes self-discovery, spiritual renewal, joy for life, and a deep sense of community. Each class is $10 per person paid to the YMCA. YMCA membership allows 'free' admission.

Cape Ann YMCA

71 Middle St · Gloucester, MA

What we're about

Drumming cleanses the soul, organizes the mind, coordinates movements of the body, and just feels good! Mamadou Diop is from Senegal, West Africa. He has performed with some of the biggest named musicians in his country, and he KNOWS music and rhythm. It is his joy to teach what he has learned, bringing the rhythms of not just Senegal, but all of West Africa to whoever wants to learn them. Join this group if you are a drummer, want to be a drummer, or are just curious what African drumming is all about. All skill levels are welcome at his classes! Bringing your own drum helps, but there are some drums available if you do not have one. Just be ready to have fun!

The first sound we ever heard while still in our mother's womb, was the beating of her heart, and the rhythm of her breath. No matter our race, gender, age, religion or belief system, this common experience exists for all human beings.

When newcomers are first introduced to drumming as adults, they often say "oh, I don't have any rhythm," in an attempt to excuse themselves for their imagined inadequacy.

The truth is: We All have Rhythm!

Rhythm is our natural inheritance. It exists in our bodies, our hearts, our breath. It exists in the vibration of atoms, the cycles of the seasons, the ticking of clocks, the orbit of the earth. There is no part of creation that is without rhythm!

Drumming is a practice that spans the globe and has a presence in every culture. It has been used for centuries in rituals, ceremonies, communication, rites of passage, music and dance, celebration, healing, community building, and cultural events.

Drumming Therapy is a method of utilizing the natural power of rhythm and music and applying it to an individual or group for the purpose of healing. A truly holistic healing approach, group drumming breaks down social barriers, promotes freedom of expression, non-verbal communication, unity and cooperation. Drumming awakens dormant emotions and unexplainable feelings of excitement, peace, and ecstacy. It decreases depression, anxiety, and stress, boosts immune system functioning and benefits physical health.

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