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The ManKind Project's (MKP) Puget Sound community offers a variety of meeting opportunities including a free, a one day, no-obligation experiential workshop, called a Circle of Men, that offers a glimpse into men's work centering on how our lives and relationships are working or not working.  MKP holds 4 Circles of Men every year and the next one will be on Saturday, November 2nd.

These workshops are designed to give participants an opportunity to share their experiences as men. We'll create a safe space where each of us can deepen our understanding of both ourselves and others. Why do we choose to do this? Because each of us has some degree of yearning to be more like the man we want to be as partners or parents, or simply better friends to ourselves and others. Some of us are holding onto anger, sadness, fear or shame. In the safety of a Circle, we are able to support one another to see more clearly how our emotions influence the way we are moving on our individual paths. Together, we are able to do work that is impossible to do on our own. Together, in Circle, it becomes easier to be vulnerable, to find strength in that vulnerability, and discover our collective power, wisdom, and heart. Additional information can be found at or, if you like, contact Rick McClurg at or 206.354.9803.

In addition to these one day workshops, MKP has smaller groups of men, called Open Men's Circles, that are shorter gatherings that meet weekly or bi-weekly on an ongoing basis. We meet on Sunday or Tuesday evenings in Mountlake Terrace or Everett, respectively. These groups are free, non-denominational and open to all men regardless of sexual orientation or whether you've had experience with men's work. Participation is completely voluntary and confidentiality is paramount.

These are groups of men who meet regularly, build connections, and share a deeper connection to truth, accountability and integrity. What does it mean to draw clean boundaries and own my projections? How do I show up in the world and what blocks me from achieving my dream? How can I become a better partner, son, father, brother or friend?

Those of us who are running the event have been through a particular kind of men's personal work training delivered by the ManKind Project and we want to share the power of men connecting with each other. 

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