Executing strategy with Objectives and Key Results


When we do honor and stay within the spirit of Management 3.0, we don't limit ourselves to the practices described in the book. So let’s explore one of the most engaging themes of Management 3.0 - Setting goals as a practical side of constraints alignment (See “Leading and Ruling on Purpose” and “How to set constraints” chapters in M30).

A goal gives a group of people an “awareness of their context”. Let’s explore such a framework as Objectives and Key results for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. The key question is how to execute your company’s strategy through optimal use of OKR.

Like any management system, OKRs may be executed well or badly; the aim of this meetup is to help to see the difference.

At our upcoming event "Objectives and Key Results”, we would like to explore OKRs in a very interactive way and experience different tools under the guidance of

Bart Den Haak, OKR Consultant

6:00- 6:30 Arriving, networking
From 6:30pm // Workshop: experience OKRs
Executing strategy with OKRs

9pm-9:30pm // Networking and drinks