What we're about

Do you have a tight feeling in your chest when you are heading to a social event?

Does the thought of going to work make your stomach churn?

Do you feel your anxiety is stopping you from living the life you want to live?

Is now the time for you to make the change?

Come and join Toni to learn some quick and easy techniques to help you to move past your fears and worries. To live your best life.

Over 2 hours we will

Learn breathing techniques to calm the nervous system

Work together to identify your triggers

Learn how to conduct a body scan to identify where your anxious energy is stuck

Learn techniques to get your energy flowing freely again

All participants will receive a take home self care pack to assist them in implementing further techniques at home

Hi, I'm Toni. I am a qualified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Meditation Leader. It is my goal to help you connect with yourself deep within, learn to listen to your own body and to live from your heart space.

My struggle with anxiety over the last 20 years has forged me into the woman I am today. I have learnt that anxiety is not my enemy, it is my body communicating with me and I had to learn to listen.
My trouble has been a physical, mental and emotional anguish. It effects my moods, my energy levels and my ability to socialise. I have learnt to ride it like a wave, the ups and downs like the sea. I had to learn to go with the flow, discover my healthy limits physically, emotionally and mentally through diet, exercise, meditation, relaxation, feeling connected to myself and the world, having meaningful relationships and finding my true path in life.

Listening to what my body and soul needs is where I find my peace and calm. I have found all this out through trial and error and with the help of some amazing wellness practitioners. I am ready to share my knowledge and experience to help those who are suffering with anxiety.

Tuning in to the source of your pain is the key. When we can tune into our bodies like tuning a TV set we are on our way to managing and releasing our tensions and learning how to create harmony and balance in body and soul.

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