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Aikido is a Japanese martial art literally translating to “the Way of harmonious spirit” that provides a means of self-defense without inflicting harm to the attacker. Known for its non-violent techniques, Aikido redirects the opponent’s energy using entering and turning movements finished with either a throw or a joint lock. Along with being a great source of exercise, Aikido provides the following benefits: - Alleviates stress - Increases flexibility, endurance and physical ability - Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem - Improves balance, coordination, awareness and concentration - Promotes mental, physical and spiritual health - Induces muscle development, weight loss and an overall positive outlook All are welcome to visit and try a free class! Please call for details. [masked]

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The Long Beach Island Aikikai is honored to be a member of the United States Aikido Federation. All aikido students are welcomed to visit and train at our dojo. We are a traditional Japanese Aikido dojo under the direction of senior instructor, Shidoin 6th degree black belt Chester Griffin. All are always invited to watch class. We also hope that you will join us on the mat. Our staff will always work hard to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. The benefits of Aikido are vast and multi-dimensional for adults, teens and children. Since Aikido (when practiced properly) uses physics and not physical strength, this art is for anyone and everyone willing to try it regardless of size, age or gender. **The Long Beach Island Aikikai also offers T'ai Chi in 8 week courses instructed by Jaime Pitner. Please check back for details about the next session or contact us for more information.**

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