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INTRO Laws of Pack & Natural Behavior Modification Method & Training Format
If you, your dog, or both experience anxiety and/or fear or any other negative emotion while with your dog in certain environments/conditions, you and your dog should come to this group. Miss it this weekend, just come the next. I will be introducing to you and your dog my proven & published theory called the Laws of Pack. Combining your knowledge of the Laws of Pack with my proven all-natural In-The Moment Behavior Modification Method and Training Format that enables you to eventually gain verbal command & control over your dog's genetic response behaviors (GRBs) the moment they are triggered and acted out repeatedly when your dog detects, thru one or all of its senses, certain stimuli in the environment your currently traversing or spending time in. My method & training format combined with your knowledge of the Laws of Pack is especially effective for predicting and naturally modifying any behavior considered unwanted, aggressive, dangerous, or vicious. In this INTRO group setting you and your dog will be safely challenged and triggered by real world distractions around you and your dog (other dogs, humans, outdoor random stimuli) and begin to understand that their repetitive response behaviors are not complicated to modify, you just have to be able to anticipate them and respond before your dog can act out its behaviors. I will show you that "Nobody has a dog behavior problem, but everyone has a PACK problem." I will show you how you can fix your pack problem and start having fun with your dog.

Occaquan Forest Pavilion

Split Rail Drive · Manassas, va