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READ THIS: Upon joining this group, you acknowledge that this is a group for education, development, and sharing knowledge, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship between any members nor will discussions constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client privilege. The topics will be discussed in general to help develop an understanding of how women in the group can profit from their own intellectual property. You should NOT share your unprotected intellectual property (inventions, choreography, fashions, music, etc) in this group. If you are seeking legal advice, you need to hire an attorney.

This is a group for women in intellectual property law, including patents, copyright, trademark, and trade secret and inventors and creative people. Women who are licensed attorneys, law students, patent agents, or inventors, artists, dancers, musicians, who want the economic benefits of their own creativity are welcome. The group will focus on monetizing intellectual property down to the nitty gritty details of how to develop inventions, search for prior art, and register and sell creative works, get them registered an profit from them. We will discuss matters including, but not limited to patent prosecution, i.e., patent claim terms, patent search strategies, correspondence with the USPTO, software, patent infringement cases, etc AND copyright issues including registration, fair use, infringement, etc, AND trademark registration, infringement, etc (Not all at one time, of course). The purpose is to help creative women and women with Science Technology Engineering and Math backgrounds and women who are sick of seeing other people benefit from their ideas and creativity capture the rewards of their own creativity. We can do it!

Event times will be subject to voting so that the largest number of interested members can attend.

This is a women's group focused on IP and economic development. Women who do not share this focus or who bring personal problems to the meetings will be removed from the group.

Photos required.

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