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Intro to SQL Server for data scientists/Data platforms in the cloud (Snowflake)

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Intro to SQL Server for data scientists

A little bit of knowledge about how SQL Server works can go a long way towards making large data engineering queries run faster. Whether you use SQL Server as a data source or as a R or Python query processing platform, knowing how it processes queries, manages memory and reads from disk is key to making it work harder and faster.

This session introduces and demonstrates how SQL Server:

- operates internally
- performs select queries
- uses indexes to make queries run faster
- executes machine learning code to make operational predictions

It then introduces some query tuning techniques to help heavyweight analytics queries run faster.

Gavin Payne is both a technology focused management consultant and solution architect who enjoys helping businesses implement new capabilities and solve existing problems. He does this by using his understanding of strategy and transformation to advise leadership teams on what they should do and his knowledge of Microsoft’s data, analytics, and productivity technologies.

What do organisations want from a data platform in the cloud

An overview of what businesses requirements are driving customers into the cloud. A real life case study of Capital-One’s requirements and how working with Snowflake they were able to overcome those challenges.

Anthony Schneider – Solutions Architect: Data Warehousing expert with over 10 Years experience advising clients in retail, finance and loyalty on Data Strategy and Data Warehouse implementation projects. Experienced in MPP Data Warehousing platforms and more recently a Lead Engineer/Architect in the movement of Data Warehousing Platforms from on-premise legacy environments into the Cloud.