Building GraphQL backends using Graphile and Postgres

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Big thanks Dept Agency for hosting us this time!

After a short break, we are back with two talks -Thomas Ankcorn and Ersel Aker. In his speech, Thomas will be talking about how PostGraphile can help you build more with less. Later on, Ersel will talk about some common anti-patterns seen with React.

The event will start at 7pm and it'll take place at the Dept Agency.
Hope to see you there on 15th of May, 7pm.

Make sure you RSVP now, as places will go fast!

Thomas Ankcorn
Thomas likes to find and try out JavaScript tools and then tell people about them. Especially ones that make building things more accessible. Currently, he lives in London and helps organise LNUG and coach at CodeBar.

Talk Description

He's going to be talking about how PostGraphile can help you build more with less. It's a node.js tool that inspects your PostgreSQL schemas and creates a very performant Real Time GraphQL API. Together you are going to build the backend for a rate his meetup application and learn how to query it with GraphQL.

Ersel Aker
Ersel Aker is a full-stack developer based in Manchester, UK. He has been working with FinTech and SaaS startups using Python, Nodejs and React. He is the author of Spotify terminal client library and contributor to various open source projects. He organizes Microservices Manchester meetup quarterly and teaches JavaScript at ManchesterCodes part-time coding bootcamp.

Talk Description

This talk is about some common anti-patterns seen with React. Ersel teaches React at an evening coding Bootcamp and also works as a Lead Front-End developer during his day job. Over the last 2 years, he has taught tens of people how to write applications in React and spotted some mistakes and anti-patterns people often make. These include unnecessary state and props fields, visibility props, non-generic “generic” components, controlled components used in a non-controlled manner, directory location disparity between related components and many others… In this talk, Ersel will summarise his experience and observations dealing and resolving such anti-patterns and what you can do to avoid them