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MancJS Dec 2020: An intro to Eleventy: static site made fun again

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Ersel and Anna
MancJS Dec 2020: An intro to Eleventy: static site made fun again


Hi all,

Sorry for the silence over the last few months, I was hoping that we could go back to our usual physical event format at some point in 2020 but that obviously didn't happen.

We're reviving this user group now with a remote-first online approach. We're planning to host interesting speakers via Zoom every 2nd Wednesday of the month going forward.

As our 2nd and last event for the year, we'll host a familiar face once again, Luciano Mammino. Joining us to talk about his adventures with the eleventy static site generator library.

We're also hosting Tomas Della Vedova, a core contributor to the blazing fast Nodejs web framework: Fastify 🚀 and he'll be giving an overview of the Fastify framework for beginners.

Event Programme:
6:30pm - Intro
6:45pm - Luciano Mammino
7:30pm - Tomas Della Vedova


TALK 1: an intro to Eleventy: static site made fun again
Static site generators and the JAMStack are all the rage right now. After trying several different tools to generate Static Sites, I recently discovered Eleventy and after building a few websites with it I feel like I am in love! In this presentation, I will try to explain why is that!

Bio: Luciano Mammino wrote his first line of code at the age of 12 on his father's old i386. Since then, he has never stopped coding. He is currently working at FabFitFun as Principal Software Engineer where he is building microservices to serve millions of users every day. Luciano is co-author of Node.js Design Patterns ( and he runs Fullstack Bulletin (, a free weekly newsletter for fullstack developers.

TALK 2: Fastify 101
Mixed logic, cross-dependencies, and way too many edge cases to test. Wouldn’t it be great to have a framework that helps you build a modular, consistent, and pluggable system? Enter Fastify, a web framework for Node.js. Fastify offers an extremely flexible plugin system that allows complete customization of the framework. Every plugin could be packaged as an independent module and then deployed as a microservice or as a part of a monolith.

Bio: Tomas is an enthusiastic software engineer, who spends most of his time programming in JavaScript and Node.js. He works for Elastic as Senior Software Engineer in the clients team, focusing on the JavaScript client. Tomas is also the author of the Fastify web framework and part of its ecosystem. He constantly forwards the enrichment of his knowledge and the exploration of new technologies; moreover, he is a strong Open Source supporter and he will always be passionate about technology, design, and music.

P.S: ZOOM LINK will be emailed to attendees on the day of the event.

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