What we're about

A decentralised acting group. You don't have to pay, you don't need to enroll on any long course (there is no course), you don't have to have any ambition, if you want to come and sit and pretend to be a rock, that's cool, whatever sinks your boat (maybe don't do this though if you want friends).

All abilities welcome. Less about the individual, and more what we can come up with as a group.

The point:

Focus is on learning/improving acting mainly for fun and just to try and do something interesting with no pressure.

No set forumla/style/direction, we'll work it out.

Get together, work on some ideas, see if we can show them to some people.

Some words that might loosely describe the ethos:

Conceptual, exprimental, absurdist, comic, fun.

First rule of Acting Club:

You do not talk about... etc. (Probably tell some people, though)

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