Manchester April FIRE Meet up (venue change - now online)

Financial Independence FIRE - Manchester
Financial Independence FIRE - Manchester
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Change of venue, time and topics

We didn't want to miss out on our April meet up due to social distancing and the Coronavirus pandemic - so we've moved it online, later start time of 7pm. We obviously could not meet up and not talk about the impact of Coronavirus on financial markets and our own plans for FI, so we've included it in the meet up! Hope to see you online.

Part 1
'One Man's Journey to FI' - Find out what drove one of our members 'M' to pursue FIRE, how he did it and what his success factors were.

Part 2
Is the Coronavirus financial crisis the same as previous financial crises or is it different?

If you have not used zoom or attended online meetings, don't worry just click the link – it’s that easy - it doesn't matter if you are on a phone, laptop or iPad - it *should* work with everything. We'll give some advice to new users of video conferencing at the start of the meet up.