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Finding your way in finance - Pensions vs ISAs

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7pm start for 'Finding your way in Finance: Pensions vs ISA'
6.30pm start for members who are new to FI
We want to be welcome to all FIers wherever they are on their journey so we are introducing something different for our new members who are new to FI. We'll start each of the MCR FIRE sessions with a half hour 'appetiser' a quick tour of FIRE for those just starting out on their journey. Log on at 6.30pm.

Finding your way in Finance: Pensions vs ISA - Log on for 7pm

In this month's meetup, we'll help you along your FI journey by demystifying the world of finance with a particular focus on ISAs v Pensions.

Indy Lidder will be hosting this session, he has a great deal of experience in this field, and is passionate about helping others reach financial independence. Indy is a regulated financial adviser who has worked in wealth management since 2013 and now lives in Vancouver. He specialises in investment advice, tax, estate and inheritance tax planning, and pension and retirement strategies. Unlike many financial advisors, he's embraced the principles of Financial Independence since discovering ChooseFI two years ago.

Whatever your stage in the journey to FI, or your current level of financial knowledge, this will be a chance to learn more about...

  • The UK financial services sector
    *what is financial advice
  • tax rates, allowances and tax brackets
  • tax optimisation strategies

With a focus on

  • Pensions and ISAs

For FIers

Indy will talk to us key concepts with lots of time for informal discussion and Q&A.

If there's anything specific you'd like to know about, get posting on the Facebook group at

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