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Positive Thinking & Results: Live a Happier & Connected Life

The aim of this group is to help you feel empowered, refreshed and confident to tackle your most important tasks within the expected time-frame and to the best of your abilities. This group is for creative individuals, professionals, corporate members and entrepreneurs who want to find the right way of getting calm, self-esteem & control back into their lives.

The inspired learning gained on our meet-ups helps directly impact your personal wellbeing and happiness. It also has the added impact on the corporate bottom-line by improving employee health and productivity. This is done using the finest selection of self-help techniques that I have mastered in the last 15+ years, in addition to my wider experiences, knowledge and best-practices regarding healthcare, wellness & peak-performance.

My desire is that we grow together in spiritual & spatial maturity. I want to show you how to get better emotional & mental health, greater self-awareness and an increased sense of wellbeing so you too can develop a positive mind-set to enhance focus, energy and self-esteem. You are then more likely to develop those healthier living habits which will enable you to achieve that much-needed balance, fulfilment & lasting success through such guided continuity of discipline, self-respect and care.

I welcome you to be part of my Group so that we take back control over our lives and future. It's time to reconnect to our inner goodness, wellness and self-healing qualities by appreciating the wonders of our vast universe and the deeper powers of mindfulness. Its time to break free from pills, opioids, anti-depressants, nicotine, drugs, alcohol and sugar. Its time to think positively, simplify life, eat healthily, exercise more and rest well.

So join our group and let me help you get on track to a better lifestyle full of benefits to your personal wellbeing. Come and be part of the new change! I look forwards to meeting you at our events soon.

Best regards,
Asad Khan, PhD
Wellness Trainer + Life Coach
Personal Development Expert

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