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A group for LGBTQIA+ people that play or want to start playing Dungeons & Dragons and other table top games looking to socialise, discuss their hobbies, make new friends or meet other people to form playing groups.
We aim to create a friendly, safe community space for people to play and learn together. Please note that all members must be over 18.
Meetups will be based in Manchester City Centre but open to members from anywhere! For a more social experience and up to date information on campaigns, please join our Discord:

We have a number of regular Dungeon Masters/Games Masters running games, please check the campaign status channel on the Discord for all the latest details.
Feel free to message an event organiser if you have any questions at all before attending an event.

Please see our Discord server for the complete Code of Conduct.

Upcoming events (4+)

The Quest for the Last Orbstone 4 - Buckwild Adventures [Closed, D&D 5E]

You are so close to having the last orbstone, all that stands in the way is Lavinia...


Campaign synopsis

Expect a traditional fantasy world, filled with Dwarves and Drow, Dungeons and Dragons, and an old fashioned fight against the forces of darkness.

Character Creation

This is an on-going campaign, which is currently closed to new players.


If this was a movie it would be rated 12, with the occasional more detailed description of combat, especially finishing moves.
The tone would be akin to movies such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, with an emphasis on coming together to overcome adversity.

Safety Tools

The X card will be utilised so play can be stopped/paused/rewound if required for reasons including, but not limited to, themes within the game, another players behaviour or even the DM’s behaviour. The aim is to create a safe space for people to enjoy an evening of gaming with like minded people.
Further reading: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SB0jsx34bWHZWbnNIVVuMjhDkrdFGo1_hSC2BWPlI3A/edit

I am also open to players sending me a private message with content they don’t want in a game. No explanation is required.

On the Night

Games will take place on a Monday night, starting at 6.45 and finishing around 10.30. They will be played over Discord voice chat, with any images (or memes!) being shared in the Discord game channel.

Monsters of Murka Ballad 21 - In My Beautiful Balloon (Group Flynn)

Needs a location

Against his better judgement, the wizard Stefry has decided to allow you all to go up, up and away in his magical balloon.

Surely you wont get up to too much trouble floating through the skies of Murka...right?


‘Monsters of Murka’ is a parody of modern US politics and US pop culture. You can head to the capitol city of Washtown and do battle with the King of Murka, the dreaded Don (who is totally building a wall) or tackle his arch nemesis Queen Killary. Alternatively you can hang out in the city of Sea-Addled and learn the mysteries of the Warlocks of the Coast and their worship of the old gods. Then again you could head west to the enchanted Holly Woods and mix with an array of your favourite celebrities. All the while being able to stop at places like the Golden Arch or the Meat Monarch for some of that excellent Murkan fast food.

Games take place on Zoom, I will post a link in the Monster of Murka channel at the specified start time.

Any questions please join the discord if you have not already: https://discord.gg/e59GnKmW

You can private message me directly or post a question/comment on the Monsters of Murka channel.

There are 2 games running this week, please only join one of the two games so everyone has a chance to play. You don’t have to commit to the same day each week; you can vary which day you play as suits you.

See you all soon in the land of Murka

Mystwyte - Season 3 - Episode 13 (Closed Game)

Location visible to members

The Quest for the Shadow Crystals

Season Three: Mystwyte Chronicles

It all started at a MystWyrd Convention in the year 2020-Something.

Brave heroes fought for what was right and made a decision to kill the Wyrd.

This is their story about the consequences of that fateful decision.

• Mystwyrd RPG is a Cosmic Horror setting for the D&D 5e RPG system - it isn’t supposed to be a comedy, but invariably it becomes one…

• Join our Discord for all latest fan gossip, hot memes, and predictable spoilers…

• New episodes of the Mystwyrd Chronicles coming soon to a Zoom service near you…

[Rated PG13 - may contain scenes of ludicrous horror - audience participation is advised]

Netflix Watch: Heartstopper Episodes 1 and 2

Needs a location

Social online event for Netflix's HeartStopper, a new teen LGBTQ+ series, adapted from the graphic novels by Alice Oseman.
We will watching this via Teleparty, which I'll be hosting, with conversation on the group's discord.
We'll be watching the first two episodes, with the next two the following Tuesday.

You can find content warnings for the Heartstopper graphic novel series here: https://aliceoseman.com/extras/content-warnings/

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