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What we’re about

Patch:Manchester is a couple of hours, every month, where the open source community gets together and contributes to software.

It's often a struggle to find time to contribute to open source, although we may want to. Patch:Manchester is about getting together, teaming up, and putting that right.

Each month we will have one or more featured projects, with a regular project contributor around to onboard, introduce, and generally help contributors. We usually feature each project for 3 meetings, but you are welcome to continue contributing to the project in future months!

Don't fancy what's been featured? Not to worry: you can either do your own thing, or if you don't know what to work on, we have a list of suggested projects, or simply ask around in the group!

If you're a developer, designer, tester, UX, or want to give back to open source but you don't know how, come along and join in! It doesn't matter what your level of technical skills are, or if you've never contributed to the project before. Come along, say hello, and be made to feel welcome!

Bring your laptop! :)

(Please remember that we operate a code of conduct)