Let's talk about... Interpreter!


2 Mount St · Manchester

How to find us

4th floor of the Headspace building on Mount Street. We're between Brotherhood / Bowlers Cafe. Look for the Headspace and event signs. The building unfortunately doesn't have disabled access. Please let us know if this will be an issue for you.

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The plan is to meet fortnightly to discuss and improve our understanding of design patterns. Initially we'll follow the 23 week guide covering the Gang of Four Design Patterns laid out by Joshua Kerievsky here - https://www.industriallogic.com/papers/learning.html

The idea is that all attendees learn the pattern before the group meet, then during the meeting they consider various questions about the pattern. In doing so we'll benefit from the wisdom of the crowd and hopefully improve our understanding. We'll be following along to the Gang of Four patterns book so make sure to familiarise yourself with the section for pattern, you can grab a copy of it here -https://amzn.to/2HQaVM7

This session will be on the Interpreter pattern. We'll review the pattern as a group and then open the discussion with the following question:

As the note says in Known Uses, Interpreter is most often used "in compilers implemented in object-oriented languages...". What are other uses of Interpreter and how do they differ from simply reading in a stream of data and creating some structure to represent that data?

After this we can take some time to break out into groups / pairs to explore the pattern further. Finally we'll wrap up with a retro to discuss any interesting points the group would like to explore further.

Please note an in depth knowledge of patterns isn't required and all skill levels are welcome! A diverse range of perspectives is encouraged, however we'd recommend that attendees have studied the pattern that'll be discussed that week.

Food and drink will be provided. 🙌

The building we're in for this event unfortunately doesn't have disabled access. Please let us know if this will be an issue for you. We're working to find a more suitable venue for future events.