What we're about

This group is for people in the Manchester area who enjoy treasure/scavenger hunts, working out puzzles, and creative problem solving.

It's also a great day out and something new to try, even if you've never tried a puzzle hunt before.

Our events will weave lateral thinking, cryptography, riddles, scavenging, word puzzles, trivia, and imagery into real life and online. Hunts may have specific themes or be a general mixed bag. Check out the group photo albums for a few examples (these were just pulled from the web, but the ones in the hunt will be original).

Puzzles will be a combination of real world and online, and of a higher standard than your garden variety commercial family treasure hunt/puzzle trail (but still realistically achievable for most adults). Puzzles will be designed to be fun as well as thought-provoking, and you're welcome to stop in the pub between clues if you like!

One member will create the hunt, a second will check it (to ensure it is not too easy/hard, and is long enough and fun!). These two roles will alternate between all willing members. You can complete hunts as an individual or in small teams (same for creating hunts).

I envisage hunts taking place once a month, because they can require a while to organise to a good standard.

There is no cash prize, but if the entrance fees paid > the website costs, the first to complete the hunt will win a small prize (ranging from free entry in the following hunt to a chocolate bar or a giftcard if there's 20+ attendees). There is a nominal charge for each hunt, to cover the website charge and materials.

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It's Puzzled Pint Time Again!


It's Puzzled Pint Time Again!


A murder mystery in the town and village

Manchester Piccadilly station

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