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Our group is about exploring the diverse aspects of Spirituality, Sexuality and Shamanism through collective experience and learning to support our journey of self-awareness and consciousness. We recognise the importance of a fully integrated mind body spirit experience and we will also be exploring the integration of these diverse areas to achieve this.

In this group we will explore many different topics including the below. We will also explore combined workshops integrating joint aspects of Spirituality and Sexuality.


The Spiritual Laws
Meditation and Visualisation Techniques
Reiki and Energy Healing
Personal and Spiritual Development
Shamanic Journey Work
Sound and Vibration Healing

Chakra Balancing and Cleansing
Relaxation and Stress Management Techniques
Spiritual Awakening and Connection
Connecting with Your Higher Self
Shamanic Ceremony
Soul Retrieval
Connection through Mantra
Energy Breathing


Tantric Breathing
Tantric Massage
Connecting with your Sexuality
Cuddle Workshop
Touch, Intimacy and Connection
Connecting with Ecstasy
Blocks to being in your Pleasure
Exploring Pleasure as a path to Enlightenment and Connection
Awakening the Senses
Body Connection and Somatic Awareness
Sexuality Education

Upcoming events (5+)

Reiki Level 1 Initiation

Quays Road


Reiki, is the name given to a form of energy healing, and consists of two Japanese words. The first one is Rei which means Universal Spirit and the second one is Ki which means Life Energy. Together they become Universal Life Energy which is all around us. It is a system of natural healing which evolved in by Japan by Dr. Usui who was inspired to develop this healing system from ancient teachings after many years of study, research and meditation. This Reiki 1 course over 1.5 days allows you to access this universal energy and can for many people, be one of the most transformative and enlightening decisions they have ever made as well as a beautiful opening up experience. Reiki level 1 is suitable for : - those who want to learn how to treat themselves and family/friends, - those that are looking for a way to move forward with their own self development and spiritual advancement, and - anyone interested in exploring their spirituality. The ability to use Reiki is normally given via an attunement or initiation. When attending a Reiki course the participant gets attuned/initiated by a Reiki master through a simple process which opens them to receive and utilise more of the Universal Life Energy. The attunements have in themselves a very powerful balancing and healing effect. Since energy spins at different levels, Reiki is normally split into 3 levels: Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Master level. Once attuned Reiki is easy to use and your ability to use Reiki will never leave you. The attunements will be done by Elara who is a Reiki Master/Teacher in both Eastern and Western traditions. This course is a Western Reiki 1 Initiation and consists of one and a half days. The additional half day will be scheduled after the 21 day healing period and will be mutually agreed by all who attend. During the course, you will: - learn the history of Reiki - be introduced to the universal life force energy and learn to feel and connect to this energy - receive four reiki attunements from a Reiki Master/Teacher who will attune you to this universal life force energy - learn about managing the energies around you - have a practical demonstration of giving a Reiki treatment and an opportunity for you to practice - learn about the about the uses of Reiki on friends, family, animals, plants, gifts, clearing spaces and situations - learn about the different effects of a Reiki treatment and what to be conscious of - be given support during your 21 days of self-healing to allow you time to adjust to this shift in your vibration. - be given a written manual and a certificate. The investment is as follows (please see our refund policy): Full Price: £140 Concessions: £115 Those repeating Reiki 1: £65 You can RSVP and pay by PayPal or by bank transfer (bank details below): Sort Code:[masked], Account No:[masked]. Please put your name in the reference field when paying. Please note that if you come on the course and then do another repeat at the repeat price, then you can come along for free to all future Reiki Level 1 courses in the Western tradition that I run. This is subject to availability, I will keep 2 places available on each course that I run and I will be able to confirm availability if you message me. My intention in introducing this free lifelong repeat option is to allow us to keep coming back and connecting with the material and Reiki at a deeper level and I am very excited about the possibilities that could come from this. For those who attend Reiki 1 Initiation, I am also offering an optional package of 3 one hour one to one Reiki sessions with me for £65. These sessions are to support you in your ongoing Reiki journey and can involve further one to one instruction on techniques or receiving Reiki from me for the hour or a mixture of both, depending on what you require at that time.

Taste of Tantra Introductory Afternoon

The Pathways Studio,


A Taste of Tantra – an Introductory Evening Jon, Elara and Helen are delighted to offer you this stand-alone evening event during which they will guide you through a gentle and safe experience of the basic principles of Tantra. It also serves as an introduction to the Paths of Transformation Tantra Training. The experience will be fun, sensuous, full of learning and surprises. Through a series of gentle exercises, alone, in pairs and as a group, the principles we will experience are: • You are not an island in the ocean of life, but are part of that ocean. You are connected with all of the life around you. • You are not a static thing but a flow of energy. You are not any of the forms you embody, but are the energy that transforms from one form to another as you choose, in consciousness and in freedom. • Your mind is not limited to thinking, planning, and worrying, but can create awareness, noticing what is in the moment, both within you and around you. The mind creates a virtual reality, while awareness brings you into contact with what is. • You are not just your physical body, but are at the same time an energy body, through which you can connect energetically with others. • Your flow of energy creates the connection between your sex, your heart and your spirit, and so can lead to an experience of your totality. Through the connectedness and wholeness, within and without, a sense of the sacredness of life, in ourselves and in the other, becomes manifest. Tantra is a map that shows us how to tap into the life energy within us, through sex, heart and spirit, that has the power to transform our lives, bringing a new quality of aliveness and awareness into every area of our experience. Tantra is a non-prescriptive path, where everyone can go at their own speed, following their hearts. It is an incredible journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and ultimately self-love. This exciting event has been specifically designed and developed by by one of Europe’s leading tantra teachers, John Hawken (www.thepathsoftransformation.com/?lang=en&menu=2), to provide a basic understanding of the key areas of tantra through a series of creative exercises. It is a safe, supportive environment delivered by Shakti Elara and Jon Gosling, teachers at John Hawken’s Paths of Transformation faculty (www.thepathsoftransformation.com) and Helen from Tantra North. The doors open at 1:30pm and the event starts at 2:00pm. This workshop is open to individuals and couples/triads/other constellations of all genders, sexualities and body types. There is no gender balancing at this workshop. We create a safe space where you are invited to do as much as feels comfortable for you. There will be no nudity at this event. Wear loose, comfortable clothes you can move freely in and an attitude of curiosity. No partner is required and everyone will have the opportunity to work with different people in order to enjoy a greater range of experiences. If you attend with a partner or friend, you are welcome to work together for the whole workshop or whatever portion you wish. Contact: Elara –[masked] The cost is as follows (please see our refund policy): Earlybird (first 12 people) – £24 + PayPal fee Full Price – £28 + PayPal fee There are some concession tickets available. Please message us if you think this applies to your circumstances. Alternatively if you want to avoid PayPal fees then you can pay by bank transfer to: Sort Code:[masked], Account No:[masked]. Please put your name in the reference field and message us.

Reiki Share

The Pathways Studio,


Our regular 'Reiki Share' Meetup offers participants who are attuned in Reiki the opportunity to channel and experience Reiki in a powerful group setting by giving and receiving group Reiki. Everyone is welcome regardless of lineage, branch, level or experience. You are also welcome if you are interested in attuning to Reiki but would like to experience Reiki in this setting first. Group Reiki is also known as Shuchu Reiki, 'Shuchu' meaning 'concentrated', 'Rei' meaning 'spiritual' and 'ki' meaning 'energy' and is a powerful way of experiencing Reiki. Regular attendance at Reiki Share is a good way of increasing your connection to Source, your intuitive abilities and your ability to scan and connect with the energies. We will commence with a Reiki Circle, which will give an opportunity for Reiki practitioners to come together in community and share experiences. A Reiki Reiju blessing will be provided to all participants before we participate in giving and receiving Reiki within an atmosphere of unconditional love, friendship and respect. The Reiju is an Eastern Reiki attunement which will help to strengthen the Reiki energy and also will work further with the individual. If we have time, then we will end with a Healing Circle where we will send Group Distant Healing to all those nominated by the attendees. Cost: £7.50 Contact Details: Elara -[masked] Love and Light Elara

Nonviolent Communication - The Skill of Self Empathy

The Pathways Studio,


Nonviolent Communication - The skill of self-empathy (in situations of anger, tension or stuckness) Do you sometimes have thoughts running round and round inside of you about something that has bugged you? Do you find yourself repeating the same words about a situation again and again and nothing changes. Are you sometimes bewildered as to why things are happening as they are, when you have tried your hardest to act with the best of intentions? The skill of self-empathy is a nifty skill to help you transform external and internal judging and blaming. The skill of self-empathy will help you: * Choose to focus on the felt sense and the life-affirming and loving energies that want win-win solutions and also want everyone to have space and support. * Be self-responsible, and bring the energy self-responsibility into a stuck dynamic with other people. * Take first step to transforming tension, conflict and stuckness in your life. This workshop will offer a dynamic and embodied introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) which supports a greater awareness of the dynamics that play out in your life and gives very practical compassionate support to navigate them. We are pleased to welcome to Manchester Ceri Buckmaster, a respected, certified teacher of Nonviolent Communication. She is a group facilitator, mediator and writer. Helping individuals and couples towards greater authenticity in their relationships and also helps organisations to build restorative systems and increase resilience in meeting conflict. Ceri is a Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication. In 2015, she trained in Repairing Childhood Pain and Trauma with Sarah Peyton and Susan Skye (Munich, Germany). She graduated from the Diploma in Group facilitation and conflict resolution at the NAOS Institute, London in 2015/2016. In 2013, she participated in the Leadership programme in Nonviolent Communication, San Francisco, California. She has trained in Restorative Circles, Dialogue Road Map and NVC Mediation. She has completed Tantra Massage training with The Paths of Transformation, and has experience with systemic constellations and Shadow work. http://www.ceribuckmaster.co.uk/ The doors will open at 6.30 pm with an opportunity to meet your fellow explorers over non-alcoholic drinks. The workshop proper will start at 7.00 pm after which there will be no admittance. Contact Details: Elara -[masked] The investment is as follows : Earlybird: £12 PayPal fee. First 9 bookings only! Full Price: £15 PayPal fee. If you prefer or want to avoid the PayPal fee, then you can pay by bank transfer and then message us and we will add you. Payment should be made to: Sort Code:[masked], Account No:[masked]. Please put your name in the reference field when paying. There are a limited number of concession tickets available. Please message us if you think this applies to your circumstances.

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