What we're about

Are you a surfer landlocked in the city? Perhaps you fancy trying something different and having a laugh meeting new people?

Our aim is to create an active community for surfers or anybody looking to get into surfing, in the Manchester/North West area.

This is a group for:

- Meeting new peeps, sharing stories and getting out of the city for a weekend.

- Anyone looking to try their hand at something new

- Surfers looking to share an early morning ride to wherever’s looking good (but inevitably blown out).

- Anyone enthusastic about pints, discussing the finer moments of Keanu Reeves career and more pints.

More details:

- Total beginners are more than welcome, we always make sure our trips include visits to places that enable you to hire all the gear you'll need.

- Our nearest spots are generally very small and perfectly geared for learning…..Nobody will be expected to ride ‘sick barrels’ …I mean, unless you can. Think more surfing with dwarfs than surfing with giants.

-We are still yet to develop the ability to control and predict the weather. Therefore, we don't tend to organise meetups too far in advance. Most of our day trips tend to crop up mid week for the upcoming weekend. Just keep an eye on the page.


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The online social

Online event

Monthly drinks social

Port Street Beer House

Monthly drinks social

Port Street Beer House

ScarBro Day Trip

Prestwich Tram Stop

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