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Because, it’s never too late to meet. ✌ Are you a developer, CTO, PO, Scrum Master or simply passionate about tech?

Our objective is to create a place of knowledge sharing and fun where we talk about tech-related topics like artificial intelligence, Big Data, Product Management, freelancing life or even HR!

Whether it’s a roadshow, after-work event, breakfast, webinar or conference – you’ll definitely find something that suits you!

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Upcoming events (2)

PentaBAR // The Ingredients of Clean Architecture - A Pragmatic Approach

Coined by Robert C. Martin, aka “Uncle Bob,” so-called “Clean” or “Onion Architecture” proposes a different approach than traditional models.

But developers and software architects often see it as a magic solution to every one of their development problems – and they shouldn’t. With complexity increasing, letting go of spaghetti coding and creating clean architecture means being ready to adapt as requirements change.

Join our Clean Architecture PentaBAR edition on Wednesday, June 16, starting 1:30 PM EEST.

🔥Book your seat here: https://bit.ly/3wjZwsw 🔥

Our speaker - experienced Software Architect Eduard Ghergu - will provide guidance and recommendation for using Clean Architecture the way it was intended.

The agenda for this PentaBAR:
🔵 The few pros and many cons: Why Layered Architecture is obsolete?
🔵 Domain-Driven Design to the rescue: not a silver bullet, but close
🔵 What’s not new - but changed - in the Clean Architecture approach?
🔵 A few real-life use cases for adopting Clean Architecture

About our speaker:

Eduard Ghergu is a Software Architect with more than 24 years’ experience in software development. Currently working at Visma, he is also involved in training and consulting activities, being a certified Scrum Master and Agile Project Manager.

He describes himself as a professional programmer and mentor, passionate about technology and blogging. Eduard is also an Associate Professor at the “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu, who teaches students about relational databases.

[Webinar 2/4] CTO Fundamentals - CTO Strategy

Online event

There’s no school for CTOs yet, but one thing is certain: the ideal CTO needs to have a continuous learning strategy. That’s why we have created “CTO Fundamentals” in partnership with Bunnyshell.

This 4-webinar series will walk you through strategy, tactics, and ways on how to become the best CTO.

📅 The 2nd session will take place on June 24th.

👉 Register here: https://bit.ly/3z6EjUS

What’s in it for you:
🔹 You will find out what soft skills are the most important for a truly outstanding CTO profile.
🔹 You will learn how to successfully implement processes and support their evolution.
🔹 You will discover what risks and opportunities can make or break a CTO.

Cornel Fatulescu, Pentalog’s Chief Platform Officer, will be your guide and will be sharing his experiences and learnings. He has been Pentalog’s CTO for more than 8 years and has faced many challenges.

Register now for the 2nd session & Stay tuned for the next 2.

For those who missed the 1st session, here is the recording: https://lnkd.in/ehXdhtQ

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[Coding competition] Coding League UK

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