Manchester Web Meetup #8 - Blogging as a Developer | React + RxJS

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Hey there, Manc Webbers!

We're pleased to announce our May meetup, hosted by the amazing Dept (

This month's speakers are:

1) Ana Rodrigues (@ohhelloana) - Front End Developer, Hactar

*Blog Like No One is Watching*

Having a blog seems like an idea that some of us would like to build but end up not doing it. Why do we hesitate to publish?
I've been for a long time wondering why my peers and I were so reluctant to create our personal spaces online and how to battle the self-doubt and fears that can get in the way of creating your own personal playground.
This is a talk about how you could just write about what you want and not be afraid about not being innovative or cool.

2) James Wright (@jamesseanwright) - Software Developer, YLD

*Managing State in React Apps with RxJS*

Redux is one of the most popular technologies for the management of shared state across entire React applications, which can be complemented by Redux Observable to describe asynchronous side effects with RxJS. This approach, however, adds cognitive load when balancing the varying concepts across these three libraries. What if we could use RxJS exclusively for managing state in our React apps? This talk will demonstrate this possibility and the benefits it provides.


A huge thanks to YLD for organising, and to Dept for hosting and sponsoring refreshments.


YLD is one of Europe's fastest growing software engineering consultancies. We build exciting products and platforms in React / Node.js for Trainline, Vogue, The Economist and many more.

The team is committed the open source community aiming to create a long-standing engineering culture and delivery capability in each piece of work.

Watch Tech Talks YLD youtube channel for more talks on React and Node:

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