Manc Web #13 - Exposing AWS with flAWS and Shaping Teams as a Developer


Happy New Year, Manc Webbers! 🎉

We hope you'll be able to join us for our first meetup of 2020, hosted by our now regular host, On The Beach!

1) Mike Lehan (@M1ke) - CTO, StuRents

*Exposing AWS with flAWS*

As more web applications move to cloud hosting, the security landscape is changing. Whilst network & server level attacks should be mitigated (to some degree) in cloud environments, the complexity of these systems and the ease of which they can be used leads to a new scope for attacks on misunderstood, and thus, misconfigured cloud resources.

This talk will give examples of what to look for when securing or testing AWS setups, guided by flAWS, an online playground for exploiting vulnerabilities with AWS in a safe environment. The talk does not require knowledge of AWS, and the resource is free online for those who want to continue learning afterwards

2) Ross Townsend (@Ross_Townsend) - Organiser, Behind The Buzz Word

*Creating your own Opportunities; how Every Developer can Help Shape a Team*

We all bring something more than "just code" to the teams we work in. We'll explore the real value of developers, how companies respond to our value with compensation and perks, and how we can create and utilise our opportunities in the field.


A huge thanks to On The Beach for hosting and providing refreshments, as well as YLD for subsidising our videographer.

On The Beach

On The Beach is a technology-focused company that’s grown from a start-up into the UK’s leading online retailer of beach holidays. We may have grown in size but we haven’t lost our entrepreneurial spirit, working fast and creatively on exciting new ideas.

We proudly send over one million happy customers away on their perfect beach holiday every year.



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