What we're about

This group was set up for people with an interest in exploration and escaping their urban environment to get out there and enjoy nature. Not only for purist bushcrafters, my aim was to get together a community of people who love the outdoors as much as I do, and have a keen taste for adventure.

Wildcamping and Bushcraft:
So this wouldn't just range from building temporary camps in forest blocks and pitching tents in beautiful secluded areas, but also Bothy stays, cave camping, wild swimming, a good old hike etc. People from any skill set are welcome.

Guidelines (FOLLOW 'EM!!!):
There aren't many. I wouldn't even begin to attempt to dictate here if people want to drink (or whatever..) on their excursions, or bring mountains of packaged food. Meet on site or in a public place etc. I find this set of rules aren't just common sense, but should really already be implemented automatically.

- Leave your site EXACTLY as you found it.
Wildcamping gets a bad enough rep with people leaving their sites a tip without us adding to it.

- Meet in a public place and always let someone know where you are
This one is common sense. 'Nuff said lol

- Treat each other respectfully
Again. Probably not one I even need to detail but I'm going to anyway.

- When making a fire, be responsible and stone it up!
Build a nice little rock fireplace under and around any fire if in a woodland or moor area and monitor it! And when the night draws to a close, douse it good and proper. A crispy camper isn't going to have any fun.

And that's it! Personally, my idea of a successful night in the outdoors would be a decent group of people in the middle of a gorgeous environment with full tummies having a good laugh and a drink after a day of exploration and hiking up to the perfect spot and building a nice and comfortable camp.

Please enjoy, play nice and be responsible.

Past events (1)

2 day Wildcamp (possible cave camp!)

The Ship Inn pub

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