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Special Event: 6 week class, From Freeze to Freedom.
From Freeze to Freedom A Series of Six, 2 hour classes supporting physical, emotional and energetic release at a cellular level. Dr Wilhelm Reich discovered that there are 7 segments of “body armouring” that results when energy is bound by muscular contraction and does not flow through the body. He believed that the chronic muscular spasms develop as a defense against the breakthrough of overwhelming emotions and organ sensations, particularly anxiety, rage and sexual excitation. In each of this series of six classes, in each class, we be using specific exercises to begin to relax the tensions systematically in a specific segment and the energetic charge, the constriction and emotional energy held at each segment will be released using the Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System. As the segments of psychological and somatic defenses mechanisms are released the chance occurs to experience a fuller access to your feelings, body sensations, and core self. “BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System® (BBTRS®) is a new approach to body-oriented therapy. It empowers your body`s natural processes for healing, releasing chronic tension and restructuring your systems on a cellular level” Giten Tonkov, creator and developer of BBTRS BBTR System® can support this process of releasing trapped energies, it is a beautifully designed system, based in the latest knowledge around trauma and neurobiology and various modalities such as somatic experiencing, the body-oriented approach of Wilhelm Reich, bioenergetics, Breathwork, TRE, myofascial unwinding amongst others. There are six components to the BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System® Breath, Movement, Sound, Touch, Emotions and Meditation We release the energetic charge by a using a connected breathing technique. This allows the very essence of your life force energy to flow through your body in a conscious way, clearing blocks and making space within to experience life. Touch and bodywork supports the opening of tense muscular tissue, as well as to comfort and bring safety during the session. Once our body is charged with bioenergy, we encourage the physical release in the form of vibration and tremoring which discharges excess energy that has been trapped in our muscles. Emotions and feelings that have been suppressed and unacknowledged begin to rise to the surface following the opening of muscular tensness and an opportunity for deeper connection with our self and supports a life of emotional freedom and mastery. As a Bio-Dynamic breath therapist, I will support you and hold space to allow you to fully express and release what has been held frozen in your body, allowing you to be your own healer. This is strictly limited to a maximum of 6 Participants For more information or to book a place contact me: Website: ( Email: [masked] Tel: (+44)[masked] Cost £90. Your place will only be secured when you have paid for the event. This workshop is NOT suitable for people with the following conditions: cardiovascular problems, high or abnormal blood pressure, history of aneurysm, epilepsy or history of seizures, anyone on heavy medication, severe psychiatric symptoms – particularly psychosis or paranoia, bipolar disorder, osteoporosis, recent surgery, glaucoma, any person with mental illness who isn’t in treatment or lacks adequate support, diabetes, extreme Asthma, those who are pregnant and people under the age of 18 years old.

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This is a group for anyone interested in experiencing breath-work combined with meditation as a means for healing, stress relief, emotional freedom, self-exploration and transformation.
I am a Certified Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release therapist, based in Hebden Bridge and working with individuals throughout the North-West and beyond. I started this group to meet other breath-work enthusiasts, people interested in natural healing and self-development and explorers within.
I look forward to supporting your journey through breath.

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