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The Philosophy of Consumerism
Manchester Armchair Philosophers is an informal discussion group made up of a friendly mix of people from a range of different backgrounds. We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month to discuss interesting topics in philosophy (other subjects too) and you don't need to have a philosophy degree or expert knowledge to take part! Huge thanks to Mike for suggesting this month's topic on 'Consumerism' and for thinking up so many challenging and intriguing questions for us to discuss (see below). Although there may not be time to do justice to all questions on the night we'll certainly try our best! Psychology and personal experience of consumerism: • Why do we consume so much in our society (e.g. cars, gadgets, clothes, food/drink/drugs, internet/tv, social media/news, etc)? • Do we really need all the stuff we buy? If not, what drives us to buy it? What emotions or psychological factors drive our shopping for stuff beyond our immediate needs? • Are we discerning in what we consume? Or are we solely driven by advertising/the media/social media? • Does consuming stuff promote or hinder well-being? (Are there any real benefits in ‘retail therapy’?) • Why do some people get into serious debt consuming or become ill from eating, drinking too much or taking drugs and still continue in spite of this? • Are advertising/marketing industries responsible for promoting over-consumption or are other factors involved? Other aspects to consider (economical, political, ecological, ethical): • If, as a society, we stopped consuming at this level what would happen to the economy, to welfare? Do we have to keep consuming to maintain jobs? • Are there any real alternatives to an economic growth model based on maintaining high levels of consumption? • Who has more influence over the government – the voter or the consumer? • Who is to blame for the environmental costs of consuming (e.g. pollution caused by plastic waste) – and who is ultimately responsible for the answers (the consumer, manufacturers, governments, other)? • What are the moral/ethical implications for individuals, society and the planet if we continue to engage in excessive consumerism? • Do other experiences, e.g. appreciating nature, spending time with friends/loved ones bring more fulfilment than consuming stuff? If we spent our money/time engaged in other pursuits than consuming how might our lives/society be different? *Information for new and existing members There is an entrance charge of £3 (£2 unwaged) to pay for room hire, admin and printing costs, etc. When you arrive at the Lloyds pub, feel free to buy a drink before the meetup starts and head on upstairs. (We meet in a large room on the first floor - unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access.) If you're not sure where to go, just ask any of the bar staff to guide you. Please don't forget to RSVP on meetup to reserve your place on the night. Also, if for any reason you can no longer attend please cancel your RSVP as soon as possible. (This is good etiquette and also gives me a better idea of how many printed materials to prepare - thus saving on wasted paper and printer ink!) Thank you all for your cooperation, enthusiasm and continued support of the Manchester Armchair Philosophers meetup. I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 21st November. Warm wishes, Anna (Organiser and Event Host)

New Lloyds Hotel, 617 Wilbraham Road,

Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, M21 9AN · Chorlton-Cum-Hardy


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