What we're about

A forum for all professionals (and those with an interest) junior to senior working in the field of data analysis, data science and also business intelligence. From using foundation to tools such as Excel, to SQL and more advanced techniques of python, R or similar for data science. Utilising stastical techniques with tools such as SPPS, SAS to BI tools just as Tableau or Qlikview for data mining and visualisation. A place dedicated to the learning and development of individuals so they may progress their knowledge and from talks to group exercises - become assets to the organisations which they are currently in and able to offer more.

We invite all with a enthusiasm for data analysis and data science to come together and take part.

Past events (3)

SQL Saturday: Free Training (Event)

Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University

Big Data LDN: Free 2 day Exbo (london)

Needs a location

Agile Manchester - related talks/Autotrader

Auto Trader

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