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What we’re about

Calling all poets, authors, screenwriters, playwrights and songwriters! This is the group for you. It doesn't matter what your experience is or how much writing you do. 

Read-Out Sessions: We host weekly read-out sessions which allows you to bring along your work for constructive feedback, or sit-back and be inspired by the words of others.

Workshops & Writing Exercise Sessions: We host workshops on various topics; from story structure to character development, and also writing session events which include timed flash fiction challenges. 

Speaker Events: From Authors to Publishing Agents, we invite guests to come along, tell you their story and answer any questions you may have. 

This site is in connection with a writing platform that was developed through starting this group. You can share your work, receive feedback, be part of a writing community and (coming soon) be able to play flash fiction games that get your creative juices flowing. 

Don't forget to join our Facebook Group. We post writing competitions, job opportunities and events outside of the group.

Any queries, you can message us directly via this group or email Beth at

A big thanks to David, Cheryl, Oli, Ross and Kenzie who are organisers for the group and keep it running, and to The Sharp Project, our partners. 

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