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Welcome to MSC! Where we are making new friends/connections one event at a time. We will be checking out the latest night life,happy hours, live music, festivals, new upcoming areas of Dallas, movies, patio bars and everything in between.

People ask me, How does Meetup work? Scan through groups event that look interesting and join those groups.. Look at the calendar and find an event that interest you.. RSVP and show up.. smile, and introduce yourself.. we were all first timers at one time.. I used to be extremely nervous too. We are a very friendly open group and include everyone in the conversation. Note you are responsible for your bill.. yes..this has come up before. Some of the events have only had a few people show up.. they are actually more fun at times, you get to know people better. I love that we are growing so quickly! I try to find fun unique things for us to do.. also note this is a VOLUNTEER service..Thank you and welcome to Mandi's Social Club💁

*** I hate any thing to be defined as age.. but since it seems to be a big question .. most that frequent are 30's-50's

*** sometimes events get pushed to a new date or canceled, so check before heading there, this is my hobby that I pay for.. life happens 🙃(mostly this happens for the random ones I post) sorry I get excited and over do it some times
*** if you are new and nervous about finding us.. message me before hand so I can give you my number and meet you at the door.. I know finding the group is the most nerve wracking.. I strive to be the friendliest group.. meeting strangers is hard I know..
*** This isn't a dating site, I nor my members wish to be messaged. This group was designed to get out and do new things and meet new people. There are plenty of singles groups out there...

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The Drunken Clam~ HH

The Whippersnapper

As soon as I saw this on the news..I knew we had to go!! The Whip has turned into the popular cartoon Family Guy’s Bar.. Drunken Clam!! This place will be packed I am sure, as always.. we shall wing it, no reservations let’s drink and get some awesome FB photos 😀

Let’s Be Tourists ~ A Walk in Downtown Dallas

Klyde Warren Park

Funny I just found out last night this city boasts a giant eyeball.. and I thought I knew everything Dallas 😫 Put your walking shoes on .. but as you know... weather permitting. No rain or weather below 40 Brief itinerary... Klyde Warren Park, eyeball, flying red horse, Dealey Plaza, Dallas Cattle Drive, Bank of America Tower. Maybe more... will end at the JFK museum While my service is free... some of these will have costs.. ( you google it) I am no history buff, so I shall not be telling the story of why in the hell there is a giant eyeball.. but hey I do like Facebook photos.. so here we go...

German .. fo Schnitzel

Bavarian Grill

By request! German food! Will be in the beer garden.. so dress appropriately... reservations made..

Beer,BBQ and Whiskey!! 🍺🥃 HH until 9! Live Music

By recommendation! Looks AMAZING, plus they have HH until 9pm!! Unheard of!! They said as long as we are there the HH price applies. They are happy to have us. Live music starts at 9pm Looks like my kinda place!! Let’s eat and sip it up! 🍺🥃🍽 https://www.barrelandbones.com/copy-of-menu-1

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