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Welcome to MSC! Where we are making new friends/connections one event at a time. We will be checking out the latest night life, happy hours, live music, festivals, new upcoming areas of Dallas, movies, patio bars and everything in between.
My service is free to you! My paid competitors ( events and....) I host all these cool events for you for free! I just ask one tiny favor.. If you or anyone you know is looking for a new place to rent or buy.. send them my way! Mandi at 512-438-9988
a free service! Plus you get a rebate up to $300 or FREE MOVE ( depends on each complex)

People ask me, How does Meetup work? Scan through groups event that look interesting and join those groups.. Look at the calendar and find an event that interests you.. RSVP and show up.. smile, and introduce yourself.. we were all first timers at one time.. I used to be extremely nervous too. We are a very friendly open group and include everyone in the conversation. Note you are responsible for your bill.. yes..this has come up before. Some of the events have only had a few people show up.. they are actually more fun at times, you get to know people better. I love that we are growing so quickly! I try to find fun unique things for us to do.. also note this is a VOLUNTEER service..Thank you and welcome to Mandi's Social Club💁

When you participate in Mandi’s Social Club you will be meeting real people and doing real things in the real world, which can sometimes lead to unexpected situations. As Meetup states in its policies, we can’t control what happens in the real world, and we are not responsible for it. You should use common sense and good judgment when interacting with others, which includes getting to and from our events. By participating in our events, you understand and agree that you have freely chosen to assume all risks involved.

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Mini Golf!

Another Round

Mini golf in Oak Cliff! Let's go early before it gets too hot and the younguns start stirring!!! It's like $12.59 each Will find a place to eat afterwards!Bruuuunch!! Come at your own risk!!! I

Southern Junction ~ county dancin! 🤠

Southern Junction

Out in the country Past the city limits sign Well there's a honky tonk Near the county line The joint starts jumpin' every night When the sun goes down They got whiskey women music and smoke It's where all the cowboy folk Go to boot scootin' boogie ( I like to give you guys a song in your head when you read my shit) Apparently this is a steak house, night club. Comes highly recommended.. Let’s give it a shot! Undecided at this minute If I will eat there or not. Boot Scootin Boogie!


Vitruvian Park Tavern

Team Entreprenuer! - Dallas brings you the THRIVE Networking Event. Bringing professionals together to cultivate meaningful connections. What is your business and how can we help each other THRIVE? Join us on Wednesday, June 24th at 6pm at the Vetruvian Park Tavern in Addison for our kick-off networking event! Invite like-minded professionals who are interested in getting to know and supporting other business owners. Come prepared with business cards and an idea to share of we can help you with your business.

Outdoor fun! Go karts and shit 😄

Adventure Landing

Cross posting this with Ivan on 20's and 30's group Let's have some fun outside with friends and wack a ball around! See website for pricing and details.. https://dallas.adventurelanding.com Come at your own risk!

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Mexican Food> Garland

Birrieria Aguinaga

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