What we're about

This group is all about making new friends who likes anime, draw and even like singing anime openings,
This group's activities include

*Going to karaoke
*Going to cinema
Or just hanging out normally
If you like anime , games and interested to meet foreigners this might be a good opportunity

Upcoming events (1)

◇ International anime fan meetup ◇

Cafe Bibliotic Hello!

Welcome to the international anime fan meetup ! We will be meeting at 4PM in front of the cafe so that the meetup can start (You can join whenever) The event ends with a memorial picture so make sure to smile (cheesy ones accepted) The event in itself is 500円 and you'll have to order a drink from the coffee shop. (You can bring drawings to show if you're passionate about that) This meetup consists on reuniting japanese and foreigner anime fans to be able to talk about what we like & make new friendships. (English Ok! Japanese Ok!) So if you like mangas,animes,video games etc, you'll find something here. So to summarize Its anime THEME with all the MEMES See you there~ Price: 500 円

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