What we're about

Manhattan Business Network is NY's best new business networking forum.

We're Manhattan's longest standing chapter of BNI, the world's largest and most successful business networking group. Our members include senior representatives in business and commercial insurance, payroll services, commercial real estate, marketing, PR, graphic design, accounting and architectural/design services. We also have personal services pros including financial planners, caterers, residential real estate and mortgage brokers.

At each meeting our members deliver 60-second commercials to all members on products and services. We then allow one member to deliver an in-depth 10-minute presentation on their company. Best of all, you have a team of 15-20 business professionals that work for YOU. Each week, all chapter members think about how we can introduce YOU to new business leads.

The Details

We meet early (at 7:00 am) to encourage participation by only serious and committed professionals. Our members value new business and new opportunities more than sleep!

Our schedule respects YOUR schedule: we conduct a fast-paced, 75-minute meeting format that gets you out in time to make a 9:00 am meeting in Midtown.

Unlike cocktail parties, trade associations and other casual "networking" groups, we meet weekly and attendance is mandatory. This format is proven to be the most effective networking formula. We help you form crucial personal relationships with group members four to five times faster than a monthly meeting.

Finally, we enforce a strict, business exclusivity policy for our members. One member. One category. No competitors. You get ALL the new business leads if you're accepted as a member within a specific industry category.

Our membership and attendance policies are strong. So are the business results. Many of our members receive four to five solid introductions (referrals) for new customers every month.

Interested? Call (646) 481-BNI2 [646-481-2642] or visit our website at http://www.manhattanbusinessnetwork.com (http://www.manhattanbusinessnetwork.com) and ask about visiting our meeting.

PS: Our current members are looking to give warm sales leads to medical professionals (doctors, dentists, and chiropractors), caterers and meeting/events planners, and matrimonial or business transaction attorneys.

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