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One Shot Thursdays - Rockalypse!
Rockalypse! Welcome to post-apocalyptic musical conflict! The world has ended, and only music can save what's left. Grab your instruments, form your band, and get ready to fight demons, road gangs, and megacorps using the only real weapon: ROCK! It's Scott Pilgrim meets Mad Max, Tank Girl meets Jem, Beat Street meets Buckaroo Banzai, plus FLCL, Brutal Legend, Six-String Samurai, and more. If you've always wanted to save the world with the ultimate battle of the bands, then Rockalypse is for you! This is a FATE based role-playing game where players will create the apocalyptic world and a band to adventure in it. You don't need to know the rules, and all materials will be provided. New players always welcome!

WeWork Tower 49

12 East 49th Street · New York

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