What we're about

A friendly group for tabletop role playing games.

New players are always welcome. Everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of knowledge or experience.

If you're interested in trying something new, on Thursday nights we have One-Shot games. We play single-session games of a wide variety of RPGs. Old games, new games, Indie games...we'll play a bit of everything. This is a good option for new gamers.

The One-Shot game is also a good opportunity if you have a game you want to try GMing. Just let us know what Thursday and what game you'd like to run.

Note: Commuter Friendly - Even though we generally play weeknights, we're usually done by 9-10 PM

Are you a GM who wants to start a new game? Or recruit new players to an existing game? You can use our group to sign up players and schedule your games. (It doesn't have to be in Manhattan)

We have several ongoing campaigns going on. If you're interested in joining any of them just contact the GM directly, either in the comments or by direct message.

Every few months, we hold a MiniCon - a one-day gaming convention with multiple games. The next one will most likely be this summer.

Upcoming events (5+)

Dungeon World Oneshot

Bread & Butter 31st &

We'll do a one-shot Dungeon World adventure! I will show up with no preplanned adventure, and we'll improvise a game from everyone's character background.

One Shot Thursdays - Flash Gordon

WeWork 12 E 49th St, 5th Floor

New players always welcome! The Savage World of Flash Gordon “He’ll save every one of us!” On the rogue planet of Mongo, a brutal and sadistic tyrant named Ming the Merciless rules from his royal palace at the heart of Mingo City. Secretly defying the emperor’s reign of terror are the Freemen, revolutionaries banded together from a number of kingdoms around the globe. From the winged hawkmen of Sky City to the ice giants of Naquk, from the water-breathing Coralians to the tree-dwelling Arborians, and from the nomadic lion men to the dwarfs of the Magnetic Mountains, many who have suffered under the drogiron fist of Emperor Ming have united under their own standard to see that the despot is deposed and freedom for all becomes the law of the land. Inspiring this growing rebellion are three aliens from Earth: Dr. Hans Zarkov, Dale Arden, and Flash Gordon, the man whose face emboldens all who wish to live on a world free of Ming! The Savage World of Flash Gordon is a setting for Savage Worlds based on Alex Raymond's classic comic strips. It also draws from the Buster Crabbe serials, the Filmation series, and of course the fan-favorite 1980 film starring Sam J Jones (who does a foreword for our core book!) No experience necessary. Beginners welcome. All materials provided.

Mouse Guard One Shot

Bread & Butter 31st &

Mouse Guard is a low fantasy setting where mice have gained sentience and now have a semi thriving civilization deep in the woods. The peace is kept by the Mouse Guard, a group of highly specialized rangers who fight threats, oversee town disputes and negotiations, and deliver the mail. I will be running a pregen adventure, with pregen characters. Dice will be provided.

One Shot Thursdays

WeWork 12 E 49th St, 5th Floor

New players always welcome! Come hang out and talk about games you've played, games you want to play and campaigns you're ready to run. And if there are volunteers or suggestions, we can play a one shot.

Past events (670)

One Shot Thursdays - Neoclassical Geek Revival

WeWork 12 E 49th St, 5th Floor

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