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Want to learn Tarot? You are in the right place~

NY Tarot Folk gather here!

I am Ferol Humphrey, your Organizer~

Already a Tarot enthusiast? Curious about tarot? If you want to learn more, love to share, and want to meet others, then this group is for you. Come with us and share our interest and love of Tarot. If you know nothing at all about Tarot, we make it easy to learn. If you already know something about Tarot, you can deepen your knowledge and experience.

I consider it an honor to share Tarot with people from all over the world. We all find that direct community experience of Tarot can be life-changing.

About Manhattan Tarot Meetup~ Global & Local Tarot Community:

This group has been going since 2003, in Texas, North Carolina, and NYC, under the names Living Tarot, Living Energy of Tarot Meetup, Ferol Humphrey Tarot Meetup, Forest Hills Tarot Meetup, Murray Hill & Forest Hills Tarot Meetup, Manhattan & Forest Hills Tarot Meetup, and our current name, Manhattan Tarot. During 2013 we met on First Saturdays each month for our Living Tarot Getaway, a very affordable educational and social event for Dallas. We began in 2003 at Half Price Books in Dallas TX, and then held regular bi-weekly Meetups at Borders Books between 2005-2010 when the chain went out of business, followed by monthly Meetups at Barnes & Noble Bookseller between 2010-2013. That's 200+ Meetups with people like you, plus a bunch of Tarot celebrities, authors, artists, and publishers, scholars, and adventurers.

In Oct 2014 I moved our physical meetings to Forest Hills in Queens, NY, to unite Tarot folk from all over the upper northeastern United States. In September 2016 I dropped anchor for the Meetup in Murray Hill, Manhattan, NYC, in my office at Lexington and East 35th Street. New York is full of A-Level presenters and wonderful, brilliant, friendly, amazing students and inquirers. Come out and introduce yourself and meet your peers! You will find us offering great Meetups in Manhattan.

About Ferol Humphrey:

I offer Ferol Humphrey Method in person and by phone, in private tutoring and in group classes and workshops, all around the US (and sometimes overseas!) for all experience levels, from stone-cold newcomer to advanced professionals and instructors. Learn Tarot without memorizing or study~ Ferol Humphrey Method is completely experiential. Ferol Humphrey Tarot Method quickly and dynamically increases your intuition, while you are having a great deal of fun. I have about 2,000 graduates so far, and I would love to teach you too.

For more info, text 917-834-3901 and visit ferolhumphrey.com.

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NOT HAPPENING TILL 2022, MY FRIENDS~ New Beginnings, New Visions

Online event


Sorry for the confusion, all~ I moved this event to 2021 last year, as a placeholder during the early days of the pandemic. Since then, the church has been put up for sale, and we have met a few times online, but not since June 2021. The text you see below is from last year. So sorry to confuse you! Ferol

Hello, my friends. Governor Cuomo has declared NYC in a state of emergency over the pandemic. In the best interest of all concerned, including myself flying in to LaGuardia, Manhattan Tarot will be HELD ONLINE until we all have a better idea what’s going on with the illness. I will keep you updated. I have listed the reschedule is Saturday, June 6, but this is probably not realistic, so stay tuned.

Ferol Humphrey Presents:
Fresh Energies in Internal Dynamics
​A Tarot Interactive
Location TO BE DETERMINED 2022
$40 prepaid

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