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I have been doing this bike ride alone a lot. I think it would be more fun with a group of people. I am initially making this meetup open to mountain bikers as I am on a mountain bike and I would enjoy to meet a group of other mountain bikers for on and off road adventures. Of course, if you don't ride a mountain bike and want to join, all good. There is no hard date for this meetup at the moment. Right now I am just trying to get a list people interested doing this ride every few weekends. Date(s) TBD. Having said that, the group will meet either Sat or Sun at 7 AM. We will ride up the West Side path, through Harlem, and through Van Cortland Park where we will catch the South County Trail. Around Pelham we will pick up the North County Trailway and end our ride in Brewster, NY. The whole ride is about 60+ miles. This isn't a sight-seeing ride and we won't be stopping for meals or taking that many breaks (except to refill water when the opportunity arises). The idea is to be in Brewster sometime around lunchtime. Of course, I understand that paces can vary so, if you think you may want a more leisurely ride - it may be good to bring a friend that will ride with you. Same is true for mega athletes :). There is a diner in Brewster where we can catch lunch and then take the train back to Manhattan. Some info: The complete trip:

Info on the trialway:

So, let me know if you are interested. Once we get a decent list I will schedule a date.

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